Less Than a Month Till NaNoWriMo…

…and I haven’t gotten as far in my planning as I hoped. I’ve outlined four scenes, and if I try hard enough, that should get me at least a week’s worth of word count once November 1 comes. I want to try to outline 15 scenes or so, so the characters have enough to go on when they eventually take over the story. I did manage to write a synopsis of my story for the NaNo site, and this is it:


The cover image has nothing to do with the story (yet). It’s just a random road sign I decided to photograph while I was in Tennessee several years back. And from reading the synopsis, the title has nothing to do with the story because I’m not exactly sure how to bring Eliza into it (yet).

I’ve long considered writing synopses of unwritten novels to be a form of procrastination from actually writing the novel (or planning for the novel), so I’m going to stop right here and get back to work on my outline!

How’s your NaNo planning going?

5 thoughts on “Less Than a Month Till NaNoWriMo…

  1. I wrote a rough excuse for a rough outline, but mostly I’ve been accumulating random notes and throwing them into the file in no semblance of order. I’ve passed 4000 words. I could do more, but life keeps getting in the way. If it doesn’t stop before the end of this month, I’ll just leap into November and start by straightening out the mess. I’m not worried yet. I know Chapter One is a thing of beauty. 🙂

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    1. It has been pretty bad… I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that didn’t lose power or get flooded, although the hurricane somehow managed to break the water system, so there has been low pressure and people are having to boil water. Hope you’re well!


      1. Happy you’re good! I hope all the madness ends soon. There was just a hurricane where I was, then Matthew, now Nicole is visiting on that end of the States. :/


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