The Disconcerting Sense That All Is Not Well

Nothing is ever easy. —Zedd (a character from Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind)

The above quote has stuck with me for many years after I read the book it came from. As I’ve said in previous posts, we can’t go around expecting conveniences and good things all the time. At the same time, we can’t constantly be on the alert for doom and gloom, lest we forget to stop and just enjoy life.

Moments of true happiness, contentment, and satisfaction are few and far between, and the more we try to hang onto them, the faster they fade away, as if they are memories from a very pleasant dream. We spend time cleaning our houses and our bedrooms only to invite the chaos and dysfunction back in again later. We take time to process our thoughts about confusing situations only to have it all become disorganized a short while later when the next crisis hits.

Happiness from accomplishments and material possessions is fleeting, and when it leaves, we perhaps feel empty. We might get the sense that something is wrong because we are unhappy not long after we were so happy just a few moments ago. Why does happiness never last? Why do the sad times seem to linger forever? 

The human condition is to seek a deep, lasting happiness that cannot be found on earth. The world and its tragedies bring with them a great, powerful sense of unease. The world can bring moments of respite from itself, but it can only give our immortal souls so much. We are created to experience a happiness so deep that it cannot be found on earth.

All is not well, and nothing is ever easy, but we must remember to rely on the One outside of ourselves for the strength to continue.

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