Trump-a-Riffic Self-Aggrandizement

I don’t care much for either of our two presidential candidates. It’s a wonder that Hillary Clinton’s nose hasn’t grown as tall as one of Donald Trump’s skyscrapers with all the lies she’s told, and The Donald himself has an ego whose size rivals that of the sun. Both candidates are equally ruthless in their quest to become the most powerful person in the world, and it’s almost comical to watch them attempt to be human and approachable.

Trump’s honorary remarks on Mother Teresa’s sainthood come as somewhat of a surprise. Perhaps Trump is mentioning Mother Teresa because she has all the humility that he lacks? Is he acknowledging his own faults for once? No! Of course not! It’s a trap! He’s speaking about Mother Teresa, but the ad literally has his face all over it. And to make it even more obvious, the Trump–Pence logo is hiding at the bottom of the screen the entire time and flashes across the screen at the end, effectively negating all Trump’s words of praise for the Catholic Church’s newest saint.

Gee, Donald. I know you’re trying to show sensitivity and solidarity with the Catholic voting bloc (if there even is a solid bloc of Catholic voters… and that subject could be an entire series of posts), but this time… you shouldn’t even have bothered. We all know your true motive.

(We also know that Hillary Clinton won’t dare to speak of Mother Teresa, who put her in her place on the issue of abortion back in the 1990s. Again, that’s an entirely different blog post.)

All I can do in response to this is shake my head and sigh. You silly politicians…

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