Poetry Time: Autumn

October 18, 2009

(This is one of my weaker poems, but it sums up how I have been feeling lately. [Please ignore my comma splices.])

The leaves fall, my soul dies.
A new day, my soul dies.
Yet nothing new, my soul dies.
Everything fading, my soul dies.

Winter lives now,
winter of our failings,
winter of our flaws.

The only Savior of our lives,
God can help us all
through the autumn before winter,
so the cold won’t be as cruel.

Here comes spring, my soul lives.
A new life, a new breath,
my soul lives.

I rejoice in God, my soul lives.
My spirit sings, my soul lives.
I will not give up, my soul lives.
Because of Him, my soul lives.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Time: Autumn

  1. Since you’re the poet (and I’m certainly not one), I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that there’s no such thing as a “comma splice” in poetry. Different rules.

    (Well, that’s what they taught me in college. 🙂 )


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