Poetry Time: The Door

Throwback Tuesday! I wrote this one on August 19, 2009, when I was having an existential crisis. There’s no real point to this poem, except the obvious fact that there are many “doors” in this world; you just have to find the right ones to open.


I wondered if it ever existed
—the door—
or was it a thought?

Something gave when I pushed
—the door—
if it was not there, maybe

I would have gone right through
—the door—
as if it was an open path.

Something was there, so if not
—the door—
what was in my way? What could I

push through to get through
—the door?
A person’s spirit existing,

the one who held
—the door—
for me and made it something

nonexistent. I did not have to push
—the door—
the one held it for me.

The one existed only to hold
—the door—
the one was real, not just a thought,

so everything and
—the door—
were unreal, but the one

who held
—the door—
lived, then faded into nonexistence

—the door—
that opened reality to me.