Explaining My Absence

One pet peeve of mine is to see bloggers who have been away from their blogs for a period of time write a post explaining their absence. The reason this bothers me so much is that nine times out of ten, the blogger will be absent again, most likely for an even longer period than they were absent the first time.

But here I go being a hypocrite as I explain my own leave of absence. 🙂 (Although I can promise you that I’m going to resume my regular writing schedule.)

Camp NaNoWriMo sucked a lot of inspiration out of me (ironic since it’s supposed to inspire), so I totally gave up on it. My primary WiP (tentatively titled BARELY ON FIRE) was indeed barely on fire, and I essentially going through the motions as I was writing. So I told myself, “Step away. Step away from the keyboard.”

Then as I went through a week without writing, ideas slowly started to come back, my characters started to annoy me again, and I started to miss them and wonder what would happen next in the story.

So I’m up and at ’em and back to my regularly scheduled writerly programming!

3 thoughts on “Explaining My Absence

  1. I’m guilty of the explanations. I try not to do it often but it slips in when I feel terrible about not blogging. Sometimes it feels as if I left one of my kids unattended! It’s so true that everyone needs a break though.


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