The Great Story Bible Update

Well, if someone was to ask me how Camp NaNoWriMo is going now that it’s the second day into it, I’d have to be honest and reply with something like, “It’s not going… yet.”

I had every intention of starting yesterday, but because of right-before-a-holiday-weekend deadlines, I had to work late, and when I got home, I didn’t feel like doing anything except zoning out in front of the TV, which was playing The Great British Baking Show.

But it’s a three-day weekend, so that’s where the “yet” comes into play. I set my word count goal for the month to be 30,000 words, which should be (key words: should be) very manageable.

I made the final decision to continue work on my story bible, which looks more or less like this:sni

And that’s only the first 18 pages. The entire thing is 124, and it’s now going to get even longer because the idea is to clarify some of the points of confusion, which are legion. It’s kind of bad when you’re confused by your own story. But it’s also a good thing because it means you have incentive to work through that confusion. 🙂

Happy Camp and Happy Fourth of July!

2 thoughts on “The Great Story Bible Update

  1. First, I’ve never heard about The Great British Baking Show but it sounds like something I will have to check out! Second, it sounds like you needed a break so I’m glad you allowed yourself one. Like you said, there’s always the three day weekend! Happy 4th to you too!


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