A Common Sin

Comparison is the thief of joy.

—Teddy Roosevelt

A common sin, especially in the Internet age when everyone’s life (whether that be their fake life or their real life) is constantly on display, is comparing oneself to others. It is so easy to look at your Facebook profile or your blog beside someone else’s and conclude that the other person’s life is somehow better or more enriched than yours. They have an Instagram full of smiling friends acting goofy together and awesome pictures of themselves trying on clothes that fit perfectly, with hair that never seems out of place…

And it’s all like an advertisement. So contrived, so put together just for the sake of displaying a positive outward appearance. When I found this quote by the former President Roosevelt (and I forgot how I found it now), I was reassured instantly, even though I know he couldn’t possibly have been talking about social media when he said it.

A priest once told me that comparison is a sin because God created each of us as individuals, and we should realize that God loves us exactly as we are because he is the creator. He didn’t want us all the same! He doesn’t want us to weigh our good and bad qualities against those of others. He created us for a unique purpose, and we can’t fulfill that if we’re constantly comparing.

2 thoughts on “A Common Sin”

  1. Great post! We are God’s creation, not man’s. When we start comparing ourselves to fallen man, it becomes a slippery slope that is all too easy to slide down without even realizing it.


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