10-Year Reunion

I realized that it’s been 10 years since I graduated from high school, so I guess that’s a milestone. I’m happy with my progress since then, especially considering that when I was on the brink of graduating, I was scared of everything that normal teenagers do. Scared of driving a car, scared of getting a part-time job, scared of graduating, scared of going to college, scared of going out with friends… you name it. Back when I was in high school, we had to complete a “senior project” to graduate, and I was terrified of everything that entailed, too. Senior year is supposed to be everyone’s favorite and best-loved year of high school, but it was by far my least favorite.

But somehow, here I am, alive and reasonably well—still scared of certain things, but I know that I can get through it. If I could go back in time and give my 10-years-ago self a message, that message would be the same one I’d give to myself now: Chill the f*** out. It’s gonna be OK.

Now, about the concept of high school reunions… In this age of Facebook, I don’t think high school reunions are as common as they once were, being that many of us never stopped talking to our high school friends and get constant updates on their lives. Sometimes I am curious about what my fellow humans in the class of ’06 are doing these days, but I haven’t been curious enough to go back on Facebook and find out. Then I’d probably find out way too much information. 🙂

So I’ll let this bearded guy from Duck Dynasty sum up my feelings on high school reunions:

high school

6 thoughts on “10-Year Reunion

  1. This is my 10th year since high school too. There’s basically one person from back then I still consider myself good friends with, and the rest, eh. I don’t feel especially curious about anyone.


  2. Loved your article, Maggie! Time flies doesn’t it? When mine came around I remember the, “are you gonna go?” conversation I had with the high school friends that I held onto and feeling many things. I was nervous, sad, and curious. But, then I remembered that I hated high school and didn’t bother going. LOL Are you going to yours?


  3. No high school reunions. But all my good friends from high school and college seem to have found me again through LinkedIn and I won’t say how long it’s been…except to say over 10 years! Seems like that’s the thing to do now-a-days. Nice to be remembered and reconnect.


    1. Yes, it is always kind of odd when someone from many years ago remembers you… makes you wonder what you did to be remembered. 🙂

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