Perfect Writing Life

I borrowed this prompt from Whitney’s blog because I thought it’d be interesting (and something a little different):

Let’s pretend that life is perfect. In fewer than 100 words, write about your perfect writing life. Now write another short paragraph (fewer than 100 words) describing why you can’t or won’t attain this perfection.

The perfect writing life would be one in which I have all the time in the world, I would never succumb to writer’s block or lack of confidence, and my characters would obey my every command. My perfect writing life would not include someone paying me for my writing or having to work under someone else’s deadlines because I like to be the master of my own little world, and I find that I can do this better without being put under duress.

However, the perfect writing life cannot be obtained because there is not an infinite amount of time. Well, for God and the universe, there is, but not for me because I am merely human. This mortality thing can really be a downer sometimes. Also, characters do not always obey their authors, and still to this day, I have no idea what that can be attributed to. How can a fictional person have any say in what his future holds? Characters are not supposed to have free will.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Writing Life

  1. That “all the time in the world” thing is what always gets me. I start writing feeling like I have all the time in the world and really start to relax and be happy in my “zone” and before I know it I have to stop for sleep or some other “essential” thing. If we didn’t need to sleep we’d have a lot more time to write…


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