Your Inner Old Person

Never let an old person live in your body.

I’m not sure where this quote came from. Some sources say that it came from Michael Savage. Other sources say that it came from Jim Donovan. But it doesn’t matter because it’s a really good quote.

It makes me think of a tiny old man with a really long beard (like, down to his ankles) sitting in a rocking chair inside my head. He’s not a nice old man or a wise old man. He’s one of those angry, complaining old men, the kind of guy who’s apparently never had any fun in his entire life.

But I know the quote doesn’t refer to those who are “old” in terms of numerical age. “Old” would mean “tired” or “apathetic” or “defeatist” or “pessimistic.” Because having “old” thoughts can cause your brain to age faster and become “old” before your time. “Old” thoughts can even run you down physically.

You can have that “old” mentality at any age. A lot of the time, it’s brought on by doing the same thing day in and day out, so you forget what it’s like to challenge yourself or try something new to get that spark of life and “youth” going again. Don’t think that because you’ve reached a certain age, you can’t do new things and you might as well not even try because you’re “old”—you’re only as old as that inner person living in your body.

5 thoughts on “Your Inner Old Person

  1. My mother was a great example in this area. She lived into her late 90s, and she remained interested in all sorts of things. When her eyes started to get worse, I bought her a Kindle so she could continue to read the NY Times every day — making the text as large as she needed.

    If I saw an article online that I thought she’d find interesting, I’d print it out for her (18pt font), and the basket on her rollator was always full of clippings I’d brought for her.

    (We continued to call them “clippings,” though of course they weren’t clipped from anything 🙂 )

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