Pokemon Sun and Moon

If you follow video game news at all, you have been well aware (probably to an annoying degree) that Pokémon Sun and Moon are on their way to U.S. players and that the three starter Pokémon have been revealed.

So we have Rowlet, which appears to be an adorable (and very round) Flying/Grass-type owl. There’s Litten, a black and red kitten that’s obviously Fire type (some people are hoping that it will end up as a Fire/Dark type). And then we have “derptastic” Water-type Popplio, which looks like a comical circus seal.

Honestly, if I do buy the game, it’ll be two or three years after it’s initially released, and it’ll probably take me another two or three years to actually finish the game. But if I had to pick a starter Pokémon at this stage, I’d probably go with Rowlet because I like owls and the addition of Flying to the Grass type might make Rowlet more useful than Grass types in previous games. My second choice would be Litten, but that seems to be everyone’s favorite, and I personally never choose the Fire type. I usually choose the Water type in every game, but Popplio’s design doesn’t really appeal to me. If it took on a dual type later in the game, that might make it more worthwhile, but… for now, I’ll go with Rowlet.

We don’t know much else about the game at this point, beyond that there is character customization, which is always nice but never crucial. It takes place in a setting that looks like Hawaii, but settings have never been critical to me as a player. The variety of different Pokémon in an area has always been the main factor that keeps me playing the game, so I’m hoping that these new additions to the series have lots of adorable and powerful Pokémon!

2 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun and Moon

  1. I started out planning on picking Litten, but after seeing all of the hateful things so many people had to say about Popplio, I decided to choose the little guy for my starter. There’s a Facebook page dedicated to him that has a lot of adorable fan art too, that renders his initially comic appearance in a more cute/adorable manner. I know people are hoping for a water/ice type for him at his final stage.


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