Everyone’s a Villain in Some Way

I finished writing my current WiP on Sunday (still tentatively titled “See Them Break”), and it turned out OK for a first draft (time and re-reads will reveal how truly bad it is, as all first drafts are). I started out with a very rough outline of 60 scenes that I threw together back in December/January. Usually when I make an outline, I don’t follow it exactly. I sometimes realize after I’ve finished writing a scene that I did something different from what was originally outlined, and I don’t bother going back to change it. With this story, I didn’t have too many deviations from the outline.

What I noticed while writing is that all of my characters have managed to show their “dark side” and be somewhat villainous, even Isabel, who has historically been the “good girl” character. So I can’t with 100% certainty say who my antagonists and my protagonists are because they all serve to antagonize (and protagonize?) each other. I’m happy that my characters have evolved so much that they’re not strictly “good guys” and “bad guys” anymore. Writing is supposed to imitate life, and there’s good and bad in everybody, so characters ought to reflect that.

The best part about these blurred lines of morality is that I’ve been catapulted straight into the next story, and I already have a ton of ideas for it. (But no title. Not even a tentative one.)

6 thoughts on “Everyone’s a Villain in Some Way

  1. My youngest son, who is the kindest person you’d ever meet, loves bad guys, especially anyone on the dark side from star wars! Your post reminded me how interesting people (and characters) can be once you get to know them. Thanks for the post!


  2. Everybody has a dark side. If you don’t bring that out, in a character, you end up with a Mary Sue.

    The only time a character’s choice to do good has any power in a story is when there was a real chance they’d go the other way.


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