Sixth Blogiversary

Now that I’ve had this blog for six years, it’s time for me to get onstage, take up the mic, and tearfully thank all of those who have helped and supported me in the past, including Mom, Dad, Mickey Mouse, Jesus, the Universe, Buddha, Justin Bieber… but seriously, the most important people I should thank are those who read, comment, share, and “like” my posts. So I thank you all!

I know that when other people do “blogiversary” posts, they sometimes talk about the direction that they want their blog to go in over the next few years. Once upon a time, this used to be a straight-up writing/fiction/publishing journey blog, but now that I’ve become less interested in writing for publication and more focused on writing as an enjoyable hobby, the blog has basically become me writing about whatever I want to.

I’ve thought about doing different types of posts, or publishing certain types of posts on certain days, but I feel like that would box me in too much. Niche blogs do tend to get more views than scattered, all-over-the-place blogs, but getting a huge number of pageviews has never been my intent. 🙂

Anyway, thank you all again for reading this blog over the years!

6 thoughts on “Sixth Blogiversary

  1. Happy blogiversary!

    “the blog has basically become me writing about whatever I want to.”

    In my experience, these are the blogs that stay interesting. How often can you read about filter words or the three-act structure or query letters or building your brand? Or any one other topic?


  2. Congratulations Maggie! It is not easy to keep ANYTHING going for 6 years and you have made it interesting reading for me since I have been following this post! Hope you keep it up for at least another six!


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