Back to My One True Love

Now that Camp NaNoWriMo is over, and I got my lovely winner icon (as a side note, I CNW_Winner_180like how they used the “writing is like cultivating a garden” comparison for this year’s Camp), I can return to my favorite WiP.* It’s at about 80k words now and I suspect that by the time it’s done, it’ll be at about 100k. (But once again, I have to remind myself that word counts don’t really matter, especially for first drafts!)

Camp NaNoWriMo was a struggle, and I wasn’t even writing the actual story, so it made me appreciate my main WiP that much more. It’s not that often that I write and the words just flow out and I have to type even faster than usual just to keep up with it. Most of the time, I have to stop, think about what comes next, write a little bit more, repeat, and it takes me a lot longer to finish the scene. Not with this WiP, and I think it’s because when I was outlining it, I thought really hard about what the characters would do, not necessarily what I would do. The stories that flow the best, in my experience, are the ones driven by the characters’ actions and thoughts.

*WiP = work in progress. But it always makes me think of rappers/hip-hop guys, and how they refer to their car as a “whip.” Ah, if only every WiP was a new Mercedes!

6 thoughts on “Back to My One True Love

  1. “The stories that flow the best, in my experience, are the ones driven by the characters’ actions and thoughts.”

    Oh, yes. Roger Elbert used to talk about movies where you can “feel the presence of the screenplay” — where the characters are doing the things that they need to do to make the plot work, not the things that those characters would ever actually do.

    And congratulations, of course!

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  2. Congrats! I belong to a group called WiPP–Women in Portland Publishing! So I stopped using it to refer to my writing because now it refers to my friends.


  3. You’re so right! The better I know my characters, the easier the story comes out. Along with all the unexpected changes and plot alterations they do! A lot of my “writer’s block” comes from not knowing the characters or backstory enough, and it always trips me up and write slower.

    And congratulations!!

    When I hear WIP, I think of Stewie’s “Cool Hwhip” and sometimes Devo’s “Whip it Good!” Oh well, I supposed I’m a little screwy (:


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