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Happy Birthday to Beverly Cleary!

Beloved children’s book author Beverly Cleary is 100 years old today! Upon hearing that news, I was filled with memories of my experiences reading her books. (And I read almost all of them.) What makes Cleary such a good author is that she understands exactly what her young audience is going through and feeling. Even though times have changed from when the books were originally published, the characters still somehow resonate with modern kids.

My other favorite thing about Cleary’s books is that they are unpretentious and have many characters who are your average, middle-class kids who do ordinary things, get in trouble, and argue with family and friends, but still come out all right in the end. Kind of makes me want to re-read some of those books and be brought back to a simpler time in life!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Beverly Cleary!”

  1. Great post! I loved “Dear Mr. Henshaw” and “The Mouse and the Motorcycle”. I can’t believe that she’s 100. I don’t know if I want to live that long. . . lol.


  2. Ramone and Beezus, one of my favorites! I’ve bought a few Clearly books for my girls in hopes that when they’re older, they’ll enjoy them just as much as myself (: So far, no luck! But on the upside, my oldest is halfway through The Sorcerer’s Stone!


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