Gmail Likes to Put Words in My Mouth…

…and weird reminders on my calendar. It annoys me when I’m trying to email my friend and Gmail gives me suggestions of what to say that totally lack in personality and would be offensive if I actually sent them. I know the system is supposed to be intuitive, but have we gotten so lazy that we need to rely on Gmail to write our emails for us?

I know that some tablets and smartphones are actually pretty smart and over time, they learn your most commonly used phrases, so their suggestions actually sound like something you would realistically say. My smartphone has never adapted to my words, so I guess it’s not as smart as it pretends to be.

Another quirk of Gmail: every time someone sends me an email with a sentence that even vaguely seems imperative, Gmail wants me to add it to my calendar.* I got this one yesterday:


You know, it would be really nice if I could believe in whatever latest madness had occurred in the world. I’m naïve, but I’m not that naïve. 🙂

*I don’t use Gmail’s calendar anyway. For work stuff, I use Outlook. For other stuff, I use a paper planner.

4 thoughts on “Gmail Likes to Put Words in My Mouth…

  1. Oh, my. The only thing weirder than putting “believe this latest madness” on your calendar is trying to figure out exactly when to schedule it.

    “I can’t possibly believe this latest madness until at least Tuesday. Maybe around 2:30 p.m.”

    Makes me glad I still use Yahoo.


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