Voting on the Ides of March

If you live in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, or North Carolina, today is your voting day. Let your voice be heard!

To be totally honest, I’m not hugely impressed with any of the candidates on either side. All of the people I really want to be president would never run, and I think that has been the case for as long as democracy has existed: the true “man [or woman] of the people” will never step forward. It takes some degree of insanity (and probably a huge amount of caffeine) to run for public office (and probably even more insanity to stay in it).

The media creates an interesting conundrum for voters; on one hand, voters are supposedly more informed about the candidates than they were many years ago when America was in its infancy, but on the other hand, a great amount of the information is biased and flat-out untrue. Information from the candidates themselves is distorted and stretched to fit that person’s (or their party’s) agenda, and they may not be consistent about their stance on certain issues.

Is it better to vote for who you perceive to be the least of a bunch of evils? Or is it best to sit out and not vote at all? I would think that it is best to do the former; that way when the person you didn’t want to win gets elected, you can at least be able to say that you voted against him or her. Too many people fought and died for our freedoms in this country, so in a way, I think that not voting is kind of a slap in the face. (And voting is a better way of making your voice heard than going out and literally slapping the faces of those who disagree with you.) However, there are many who say that an uninformed or misinformed vote is worse than not voting at all, but who’s to say who has the “correct” information? Sometimes I suppose you have to use what you know and go with your gut feeling about a candidate.

What do you think?