The Pocket Dept. Notebook

I’ve never done a review of a notebook before, so I’ll do one now. A year or so ago, I saw that one of my coworkers had a Pocket Dept. notebook, and it looked pretty cool, so I decided to copy him and buy some. These notebooks come in different sizes, designed to fit a shirt pocket, a back pocket, a messenger bag, and a backpack. I got a three-pack of the messenger bag–sized ones, which are 5.5 x 8.5 inches, so they’re smaller than your standard college-ruled notebook.

There are only 32 sheets in the notebook, so it isn’t suited for a course where you might have to take a lot of notes or a diary that you want to last a year (depending, of course, on how much you write and how small your handwriting is). The paper is heavy and durable (but not perforated), and it’s college-ruled, so that was a plus for me. (I can’t write in unlined notebooks because I can’t write in a straight line.) The notebook is bound like a paperback book, so it would last a long time and you wouldn’t have to worry about pages falling out. I also liked that it was blue (my favorite color).

My major dislike about the notebook was that it was bound; I like spiral-bound notebooks that can fold back and lie flat even though they tend to fall apart over time. The notebook’s binding was not a dealbreaker for me, though, and I look forward to using the other two notebooks in the set. I think I’ll talk about the Moleskine notebooks next, although it’s been awhile since I’ve written in one.

The finished Pocket Dept. notebook, complete with random stickers.