The Thursday Three #21

  1. If you were to attempt the Milwordy challenge (one million words a year), you would have to write about 2,740 words every day (assuming said year had 365 days). I think I want to try that challenge one of these years, but not this year since it’s already started. Maybe in 2020, when there’s 366 days. 🙂
  2. For the super-organized type A people among us, there is bullet journaling, the Week Dominator, and the Emergent Task Planner. Honestly, all I need for planning and organization is a regular planner that can be found at Walmart, but these tools could be useful if you have a particularly busy day ahead.
  3. Here is a scientific paper generator. All you have to do is add in the author names and you get something that looks great on first glance but makes no sense when read, so you end up with this:

    Reality aside, we would like to visualize a design for how RhineRhyme might behave in theory. Figure 1 details an embedded tool for improving IPv6. Further, our application does not require such a private management to run correctly, but it doesn’t hurt. Despite the results by Zheng and Williams, we can demonstrate that hash tables and Smalltalk are generally incompatible. Despite the fact that electrical engineers mostly hypothesize the exact opposite, our framework depends on this property for correct behavior. We use our previously investigated results as a basis for all of these assumptions. This may or may not actually hold in reality.

    Just don’t submit one of these to a peer-reviewed journal (or any kind of journal for that matter). It’s just for fun.

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