Establishing a Connection to a Fictional World

It’s an ugly day here in North Carolina. Everyone has been advised to stay inside because of the snow and sleet, so you’d think it would be a perfect day to actually get some writing done. The trouble is that I last wrote in this particular story on Sunday, so it’s hard getting back into it. Usually, I have to write about 1,000 words before I’m fully immersed in the story again, and I have to write in the story every day (or at the very least, every other day).

Writing is a habit. Well, it should be a habit, right up there with brushing your teeth and unplugging the coffeepot. And a habit is something you do every day because it’s what you’re accustomed to, and you’d feel weird if you didn’t do it. Oddly enough, I feel strange if I write only 500 words of fiction per day. If I write those 500 words early enough in the morning, I go through the rest of the day, and I forget about it. So by the end of the day, I feel as though I didn’t write at all because those 500 words weren’t enough to really get me thinking about the story.

So to establish a connection (whenever I think of those words, I hear a dial-up modem churning away), my minimum is 1,000 words or so. Do you have a minimum number of words to write to keep your connection to your work strong?

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