WordPress Features To Add or Improve

A few weeks ago, Rachel wrote a post about a WordPress wish; that is, what feature(s) we would want from this lovely site that hosts our blogs.

The number one item on my wish list: a feature that tells you whether you have already written about a particular subject before. Right before you publish your post, during the spelling and grammar check, a pop-up box would appear and say something like “Here are some similar posts you’ve already written on this subject. Consider revising your post to get a new angle.” I know that after the post is published, three similar posts display at the bottom of it, but I’d like something like that before I publish something. I’ve written so many blog posts that it’s hard to remember whether I’m repeating myself.

The number two item on my wish list: A better distraction-free writing mode feature. I use this WordPress feature all the time, and I wonder why it doesn’t give you a totally white screen, eliminating even your browser’s task bar and WordPress’s formatting icons. Something like that could be made easy to exit, too: just press the Esc button on your keyboard, like you’d do with a PowerPoint document, and you’d be back to the normal “New Post” screen.

The number three item on my wish list (and this is 100% a pet peeve of mine): Either get rid of the new “New Post” screen or get rid of the old “New Post” screen. It can be confusing to have two options to use to publish a new post. I really like the old “New Post” screen and continue to use it, but I don’t think it makes sense to have it still available when the new screen has been out for a long time now.

I’m not a Web developer by any means, so I have no idea whether these ideas would be feasible, but it’s still fun to think about. Also, I know this sounds like a bunch of complaints, so I’m thinking that I should do a “WordPress features I really like” post just to be fair. 🙂