Unfinished Business

Current NaNoWriMo word count: 44,547

This has been a very strange NaNoWriMo. In all of the previous years’ stories, I started off really strong and began to get tired of the story as the month went on. (Life tip: If you ever want time to go more slowly, write 50,000 words of a new story in a month.) This year has been the opposite: I wasn’t too fond of the story when it started. What sounded awesome in the outline turned out to be not that great when fleshed out on screen. But because I must reach 50,000 at all costs, I continued to write through the boring scenes (and make them a little more interesting).

I think it was around Day 20 when the story finally started to get going (long after I had abandoned my outline completely), and it’s nowhere near complete. There is very little doubt in my mind that I will reach 50,000 before November 30, but I don’t know how many more words I will need to write before the plot is resolved. I also don’t know if I want to continue the story into December. I may just put it on hold indefinitely or continue to work on it at a slower pace.

This is weird because I normally finish my NaNo/Camp NaNo stories within the target word count. PAUL, which was written this past April, is the other exception; it’s still not finished to this day. I hate to have incomplete stories lying around, so at some point, I will finish them. I’m just not sure at what point that will be.

BTW, Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. You are almost there! Good luck :)Till now, I’ve about 10 or more stories written but they aren’t complete! I don’t get bored with them, it’s just that I get more interested in writing a new one. I’m getting over it now though, I’m completing my very first novel soon after Nano 🙂


    1. Exactly. I’m not bored with any of my ideas, but I am forced to put them aside so I can work on something else. My brain can only be pulled in so many directions before it gets stretched too thin. 🙂

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