Wasting Time Worrying about a Cup

I normally don’t care that much about Starbucks. Yes, they make good coffee, but I buy it maybe twice a year. Why spend $3 when I can get decent coffee for free in the break room at work?

So the red cup controversy that’s going on now seems ridiculous. Christians (and people in general) have better things to worry about than becoming like the rest of the population: super sensitive and offended by every little thing. I don’t see the Starbucks holiday cup design as infringing on my freedom of speech or encroaching on my rights as a Christian in this country.

Honestly, I like the minimalist design. It’s better than the company overdoing it by plastering logos and symbols for every major winter holiday all over the cup in an attempt at inclusivity.

The best response to this “controversy” that I’ve heard so far is (I’m paraphrasing), “Let’s put ‘Christ’ back in ‘Christian’ before we worry about putting ‘Christ’ back in ‘Christmas.'” Really, people. If you consider yourself a Christian, then you know that there are much bigger issues going on in the world and much bigger battles to fight over than a dang paper cup.

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