The Thursday Three #18

  1. Let’s make everyone’s lives easier and advocate for clearer writing instead of bureaucratic language pumped full of useless words. This article has an interesting perspective. Isn’t the whole point of writing to communicate so we can be understood?
  2. Here’s another good article about “middlebrow” writing and who buys the most books (hint: it’s not men). As I’ve said before, not everyone is a Faulkner or a Joyce or a Whitman. Writers write for the joy of writing, and readers read for the joy of reading — whether that writing and reading is highbrow, middlebrow, or lowbrow.
  3. Race to Nowhere looks like a good documentary to watch if you’re concerned about how our children are being educated. Today this “education” seems to consist of standardized tests, the Common Core curriculum, and a boatload of after-school activities to pad the resumes of third graders. Is it all too much? That’s what Race to Nowhere is exploring.

1 thought on “The Thursday Three #18”

  1. “…not everyone is a Faulkner or a Joyce or a Whitman.”

    Thank goodness. I wouldn’t trade “The Dead” by James Joyce for anything, but there are also times when I really want Ellery Queen.

    And there’s certainly a need for lowbrow, too, as I eagerly await the next Resident Evil movie, and the next Fast & Furious.

    Edgar Rice Burroughs is no William Burroughs, but the opposite is equally true.

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