Patterns of Popularity

One of my favorite YouTube channels is ADoseofBuckley, in which an angry Canadian rants about various topics, mostly related to music and pop culture. One of the most recent videos on the channel is about how the popularity of YouTube channels waxes and wanes over time and how this is nothing to be freaked out about.

This theory can relate to any social media platform, from blogs to Facebook pages to For a blogger on WordPress, the high point of his or her blog tends to be when a post gets picked for Freshly Pressed. You get tons and tons of pageviews, comments, likes, and social media shares, but as with all good things in life, those fifteen minutes of fame quickly come to an end, and you’re back to where you were before, perhaps with a few more subscribers than you originally had.

But over time, your subscribers may find new blogs that they like, and so they may read your posts less. Perhaps your blog starts to go in a new direction, causing you to lose subscribers who aren’t interested in your new content. Hopefully, you aren’t too dismayed by this and continue to write whatever you want because, after all, it is your blog. Eventually, there may come a time when your blog becomes popular again. You might get Freshly Pressed or one post might strike a chord with one reader who shares it on her social media pages. Then the life cycle starts over.

So if you’re losing popularity in the blogosphere, it’s nothing to worry about, so don’t get overly concerned and try all kinds of gimmicks to win your readers back. To thine own self be true.