The Thursday Three #14

  1. It’s Throwback Thursday on one of my local radio stations, and it’s kind of scary that what they considered “throwbacks” were songs from when I was in high school (~10 years ago). As happy as I was to hear those songs on the radio again, I was thinking that this must mean I’m getting old… and there is an entire generation of kids who will never know what a “hollaback girl” is (and they should be glad about that).
  2. I put both my works in progress on hold so I could concentrate on writing a short story for a contest (best motivator to finish something ever: the chance to actually be paid for it). I didn’t expect it to, but the story is coming together. I set it aside for a few days to get some distance from it, so when I pick it back up on Saturday, I may consider it the worst thing I’ve ever written, but nothing related to writing is ever a waste of time (except surfing the Internet and claiming that it’s for “research”).
  3. Before the Oregon shooting that happened today, there was apparently a series of messages on that cesspool of a website filled with anger and resentment, 4chan. The person who posted the messages may not have been involved with the shooting at all, but some of the messages gave suggestions of how the person should carry out the attack and murder his victims. You never can tell whether those who post on 4chan or serious about what they are saying or if they are trying to make a joke or get their kicks, but there are always those unfortunate (and possibly ill) people who will take whatever they see on the Internet seriously. Pray for the victims.

6 thoughts on “The Thursday Three #14

  1. Ten-year-old music is throwback? I’ve just been invited to my 35-year high school reunion. I’ve started listening to classical music on the radio lately. What will they do for Throwback Thursday? One of the other Bachs?


    1. The sad thing is that they don’t have an oldies station that plays stuff from the 50s and 60s anymore. Instead they added another country station. Urgh.


  2. Getting paid for it is typically a good incentive, yeah. Hopefully you find/found that the writing is good, and hopefully you do well in the contest!


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