Feeling Tricked

Spoiler warning!

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl was so ridiculously hyped up that I had to read it (three years after it was published, but I rarely read books as soon as they’re published). The book turned out, and I expected that it would, to be one of those stories with an unreliable narrator (actually two), so I felt manipulated and tricked by the author. From the first page, I knew some crazy twists were about to go down, so I steeled myself for the whiplash that I knew lay ahead.

I’m not saying that Gone Girl was a bad book (maybe 3.5 out of 5 stars). The writing style was excellent, and even if the plot turned out to be totally disappointing, I would have still read the book for the turns of phrase alone. The two main characters were very well developed, and the book’s insight into relationships and the human condition was spot on.

But I’m still not sure how I feel about the ending. Amy murdered Desi, but as with everything else, she got away with it, despite Desi’s mother insisting that Amy killed her son outright. Then Amy thinks she can win Nick back (or at least force him to stay with her for 18 years) because she got pregnant using Nick’s sperm that the couple had stored years earlier. Something tells me that there ought to be a sequel, but I also don’t want to see this poor kid get mentally tortured and messed up by his psychopathic mother.

So I really hope that there is no sequel. As addicting as Gone Girl was, I don’t think I could take much more of Amy’s torturous ways.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Tricked

  1. Yeah, I struggle with what I think about Gone Girl. All I know is this. I was visiting family in Chicago. My cousin offered me any thing I wanted from a stack of books she had read for her book club. I chose Gone Girl. I started reading it that night. The next day, I spent the day in an airport and on an airplane for about four hours, flying home. When I woke up from a poor night’s sleep, all I wanted to do once I got on the plane was take a nap. A long one. Only I didn’t. When I got to the airport, I sat and read the damn book. Then, when I got on the plane, I sat and read the damn book. It had me absolutely hooked. And for me, that’s the key. Whatever its strengths and weaknesses, the story was one of those rare pieces that just absolutely refused to let me go.


    1. Yes, that happened to me. I was unable to do anything. Everything on my to-do list fell by the wayside as I was sucked into that book for 5 hours. But it was definitely enjoyable!


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