I’m Christian, But…

I was inspired by a post on Jeff’s blog, which was about the BuzzFeedYellow video “I’m Christian, But I’m Not.” The video involves Millennials proudly professing their Christianity but never mentioning Jesus Christ… all they seem to be doing is apologizing for their fellow Christians who actually believe what Christ taught and attempt to follow through on it.

It reminded me of an incident from several years back. An old friend from high school and I were sitting in a restaurant “catching up.” During high school, my friend was a Christian, one of my only Christian friends when everyone else I hung out with was either an atheist or agnostic. So it was disheartening to hear her say things like, “I’m still a Christian, but I don’t think casual sex is wrong,” and “I’m still a Christian, but I’m not a hypocrite like so-and-so…” And on it went.

I politely smiled and nodded when in hindsight, I always kick myself for not saying something, and to this day, I’m not entirely sure what I should say if a similar situation ever arises. It’s one thing to listen and vow to yourself that you will pray for this person in private later, and it’s another thing to give friendly advice that comes off as being “judgmental,” and it’s yet another thing to openly agree and say something like, “Yeah, Christianity really needs to get with the times.”

The key is that Christianity should not have to conform to fit you or the “values” of today’s society. A lot of people switch from more traditional Christian churches to nondenominational churches because there are fewer “rules” to follow and there are no awkward things like confession, the Real Presence, and so forth.

If you are “a Christian, but…,” why do you bother calling yourself a Christian at all? Because it makes you sound like a “nice” person? So you can try to impress certain people? Is it because you were wrongly taught what it really means to be a Christian?

The saints and the martyrs were the true Christians. They wouldn’t say, “I’m a Christian, but…” They’d be firm and say, “I’m a Christian,” and they wouldn’t need to say anything else because their lives are all the evidence anyone needs to see that they are in fact truly a follower of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not for the wishy-washy and the weak of heart. You’re either all in or you’re all out.

2 thoughts on “I’m Christian, But…

  1. People do love to pick and choose — sliding by the parts that make them uncomfortable (or that might make them change their practices).

    I was raised a Quaker, and it always amazed us how many exceptions people could find to Thou Shalt Not Kill. That’s a very simple statement, only four words, at least in English, and I don’t see anything in there saying there are exclusions for war, or self-defense, or whatever else.

    People do love to cherry-pick, though. I used to have a friend who would always tell people he was a writer, particularly women at parties who he was trying to impress. He never actually wrote anything, though. If you’re going to be it, you have to do it.


    1. I try not to label myself as a writer when talking to people in real life… that usually brings up all kinds of questions that I don’t feel like answering. I guess I’m the opposite of that guy – not actually stating what I am/what I do.


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