Spoiler alert!

My friend is a lifelong superhero fan, so when he saw that Ant-Man was playing at the discount movie theater, he convinced me to go with him and see it even though I am getting very tired of superhero movies.

But I was pleasantly surprised. Even though the entire world was in danger (the usual action movie cliché), the final conflict took place on some toy train tracks in a little girl’s bedroom, so that brought it down to a much smaller scale (as was appropriate). I was very glad that the conflict didn’t occur at the very top of a building or on the Golden Gate Bridge or some other famous landmark.

The supporting characters were hilarious, and their dialogue (actually, most of the dialogue) was what made the movie so good. I was a bit disappointed when Stark Industries was mentioned because I started thinking that I might have to hear Tony Snark being snarky, but fortunately, the dialogue stayed amusing and not sarcastic.

Getting to see the world from the perspective of an ant reminded me of two of my childhood classics, A Bug’s Life and Antz. The special effects crew did an excellent job with the tiny details of how the ant army looked and the nasty bottom of the bathtub in Scott’s apartment before he became Ant-Man.

My only gripe was the romance between Ant-Man (Scott) and Hope. I didn’t sense any chemistry between them at all, so I was disappointed when the writers decided to throw some romance in there at the end. There really wasn’t much of a point to it.

tl;dr version: Ant-Man is a lot of fun and a good way to spend a rainy afternoon or evening.

4 thoughts on “Ant-Man

  1. Though I’ve watched almost every Marvel movie out there, I didn’t have high expectations for Ant-Man for some reason. But I was so very pleasantly surprised! It was funny, touching, exciting and most importantly entertaining. Paul Rudd was great.

    Though I agree with you – I have absolutely no idea where the romance came from. =/


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