The Thursday Three #6

1. When the terms and definitions on Urban Dictionary aren’t disgusting, they can be insightful. “Hot takes” are discussed in this article, which laments the demise of long-form journalism. A “hot take” is “an opinion based on simplistic moralizing rather than actual thought.” These hot takes can be found on social media and are supposedly taking the place of journalism; I would say that many people get their news from their social networks first rather than from newspapers or TV and radio stations. William Shirer must be rolling in his grave.

2. I recently finished reading another end-of-the-world book, We All Looked Up (Tommy Wallach). It was a YA novel and pretty representative of the genre. I didn’t think it was as outstanding as the critics did, but the dialogue was very well written. The premise was nice (an asteroid has a 66.6% chance of crashing into the earth, so everyone believes they have two months left to live), but the ending could have been handled better.

3. This article amused me. Apparently, even though Harvard applicants are no longer required to submit an essay with their application, they all still do anyway. So Harvard had no choice but to make the essays mandatory once again. That’s some dedication on the part of the potential students, especially when I think about all those papers and essays that could get written but never do and all those sites where you can download a paper for a fee. Good to know that some overachievers still write admissions essays.