XIII: Done

I finished XIII yesterday, and here begins the long process of distancing myself from it long enough to get some objectivity. Now that I finished it, I’m not proud or glad or relieved or sad or anything. I feel blank. It’s almost anticlimactic. Right now, it’s a bunch of “I don’t know” statements:

I don’t know how I feel about being finished.

I don’t know whether I ever want to go back and work on it again.

I don’t know whether it should ever see the light of day.

Every writer probably has those feelings upon finishing something he or she has worked on for a long time. XIII has been part of my life for nine years, and not thinking about the characters who inhabit its world and the settings in that world and the plot that I struggled over… well, it’s going to be very different.

12 thoughts on “XIII: Done

  1. Writing is often more interesting and engaging that “having written.” When I’m writing something . . . I’m fully engaged. Once I’m “done” writing “it” (whatever it is) I tend to lose interest in it.

    Hope you figure out what you want to do with XIII.


  2. Congratulations on finishing! And yes, I think stepping away is the perfect thing to do for a while and when you’re ready you can look at it fresh and see what you have. For now, do something nice and spoil yourself. You deserve it!


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