Progress on XIII

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

After retooling my writing plans and re-setting my deadline, I am under a lot less self-imposed pressure with writing the last draft of XIII.

The number one problem: consistency. When you have a very long story, consistency is especially hard to keep. So write things down, create a project binder, do what you have to do.

The number one joy: characters. After such a long time with them, they have become almost like friends to me, as strange as that is to say.

How are your works in progress coming along?

6 thoughts on “Progress on XIII

  1. Yes and yes.

    Consistency — I kept some amazingly detailed notes on my sci-fi pair. And on my little football novel, believe it or not, because so many people kept leaving the team and getting replaced. Last Of The Titans, meanwhile, suffered from too many notes. It took me over two years to know what is and isn’t actually part of the novel. It’s not done, but if I died somebody could finish it for me. So that is progress.

    Oh, I love my characters. I’m sure I mentioned to you before that some of my minor characters hijacked my story. I love them for that. Now, without taking anything away from them, my main characters have reasserted themselves and I plan to have a working draft before the year ends. Woohoo!


    1. It would be nice to know that my notes were so precise and detailed that someone else could finish the book if something happened to me. Alas, that’s not the case… gotta work on consistency!

      Glad that your WiP is coming along so nicely!


  2. My WIPs are coming along well. I have two short stories in a holding pattern for my writing group to critique, and I have a third story, which I found a bunch of old development notes for on a discarded laptop, that I’ll start working on today!


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