Weekend Progress

I wrote ~8,583 words this weekend. All of those words were for two chapters of XIII. To some people that’s not a lot of words, but to others, that’s a week’s worth or more. Word count is dependent on so many things I couldn’t even begin to list them all here. My mantra is that even if you get 100 words a day, that’s 100 words closer to a finished product. Therefore, anything is better than nothing.

Speaking of a finished product, the XIII series is slowly nearing completion. I’m still on schedule with the rewrite, and I’m still sticking to my original outline that was last revised in September 2012. The outline usually consists of a few sentences describing each scene; it’s just an idea of what I should be writing about. It’s not really set in stone — and I don’t think any outline should be totally rigid. This weekend, I deviated from my outline a little bit because things in the story shift and characters don’t always act the way I want them to.

These deviations from the outline inevitably lead to inconsistencies. If Character X knows some information in Chapter 3, then all of a sudden he forgets it in Chapter 18, there’s a problem. When I’m actually writing, I rarely look back at what I’ve written days or weeks or months before unless I need to verify facts. I admit, I’m lazy, so I don’t verify facts as often as I should — and that’s how the inconsistencies arise. However, I’m hoping that when I read back through the chapters when it’s time for editing, I’ll catch all the problems/flaws. Sometimes, when I’m writing, if I suspect something might be inconsistent with something I’ve written previously, I make a note to myself to go back later and catch it.

How did your writing go this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Progress

  1. Wow! Very productive. I didn’t get as much written as I would have liked. But that’s okay. I’m reading the WiP of a friend and wanted to gain ground there. But I wrote a three-page scene. Not sure how many words that wound up to be.


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