“Progress” on XIII

Writing is one letter away from “writhing.” And since I finished NaNoWriMo, I’ve been doing a lot of writhing instead of writing when it comes to XIII, my longest and most frustrating work in progress. “Progress,” if you can call it that, has been going embarrassingly slow, which doesn’t make sense on the surface. It’s not like I’m finding myself with a lack of time. Not at all. I don’t have a problem with finding ideas either. When I’m driving to and from work with the music blasting, I think about XIII and come up with awesome ideas. Surprisingly enough, I manage to remember these ideas and I write them down when I reach my destination.

So why the writer’s block? Why the frustrated writhing around in my seat when I could be writing?

Even though they say you shouldn’t make the analogy that your book is like a child, I make that analogy all the time, especially with XIII. In my head, I picture an 8-year-old boy doing everything in his power to annoy me when I ask him to obediently sit down and learn his multiplication tables. Out of all my stories, I am most emotionally attached to XIII, and that can be beneficial, yet it can also be detrimental.

I want to be finished with XIII. I want to finish writing it, have it edited, have it beta-read, publish it, forget it exists, and move on to other things. But… ironically, I can’t finish it if I don’t actually write it.

I want to say that finishing this last draft (hopefully last, unless I fall into some enormous plot hole when I read it back over) will be possible before this time next year. Until then… I have to figure out a way to stop writhing and start writing. 🙂


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