Emotional Vampires

When I first heard the term “emotional vampire,” a mental picture of Robert Pattinson in his Edward Cullen makeup flashed into my head. But that’s not actually what I’m talking about here.

An “emotional vampire” is someone who drains you emotionally. Hanging out with them leaves you exhausted and upset. It’s like certain appliances that slowly drain energy if you leave them plugged in for long periods of time… and leave you wondering why your electric bill is so high.

It’s hard to get rid of emotional vampires in your life. It might even be hard to recognize them at first, especially if you’ve known them for a long time – they might even be people you call friends. You may not even be fully aware of how they affect you. But you do know that there’s something about them that leaves you a little bit weaker than you were before you started talking to them.

To have a happy life, you should to surround yourself with people who build you up, not people who tear you down or make you feel exhausted and empty inside.

This blog post is a public service announcement for you to drive a stake through the heart of the emotional vampires in your life, however difficult it may be. (Not literally, of course – you wouldn’t want the police at your door.) You’ll be a lot happier and your life will improve dramatically.

8 thoughts on “Emotional Vampires

    • I have a person in my family like that, and what helps in those situations is to remember that they have the problem, not you.


  1. I had an emotional vampire when I was about sixteen. In the end, I just had enough and drove her out. I felt much lighter afterwards and can recommend it. Three years later, we’re friends again and still see each other every so often 🙂


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