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It’s Cyber Monday, the online version of Black Friday. In other words, conduct all your holiday shopping on the Internet on Cyber Monday and you could find massive deals, discounts, and promotions… without the utter chaos of going to brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday got me thinking about laptops. For a few months now, I’ve been thinking about buying a laptop, but I’ve been dragging my feet and getting all wishy-washy over the decision, like it’s something of huge importance. But the thing is, my desktop computer works perfectly fine. I have an LCD monitor, excellent speakers, a big subwoofer that doubles as a footrest, a gaming mouse with a zillion buttons that my brother let me have because he got an even better one, and a keyboard with illuminated keys that won’t rub off. It’s not like I’m working on some ancient machine that barely boots.

So why did I even want a laptop in the first place? The main reason was so I wouldn’t feel chained to my desk all the time: the portability. The fact that laptops are cute and sleek and fashionable. (Maybe all those repetitive ads on Hulu are getting to me! *gasp*) Minimalism; so instead of having all those hardware components, I could just have the laptop itself and clear off space on my desk. And… the fact that everyone seems to have one, which is never a good reason for buying anything. Now that I realize the reasons I want a laptop aren’t very good reasons, I think I’ll stick with my good ol’ desktop. (And besides, I made a post a few days ago about gratitude, so I’ll follow my own advice and be happy that I have what I have and not go around wanting more. :))

Do you prefer a laptop or a desktop computer? Do you have both?

9 thoughts on “Desktops and Laptops

  1. I have both. The desktop is used for business, the laptop for writing and social networking. I like to write with my feet up and the laptop makes that possible. My wife also has a desktop, but is considering a laptop to replace it.


  2. I have both, but use my laptop the most. It is mobile. My desktop is still packed away from when I moved to Indiana from Louisiana. I really do not miss using it. It has given me extra space without it. If you do get a lap top…get a cooling mat or fans to keep it cool and from getting your lap too warm. They can burn if you do not get extra air to the bottom. I found a lap top fan that connects to my computer and runs when the computer is in use. (It was on ebay and was under $6.00.) It is your choice on which one you like or will use the most. Have fun making your decision. Have a Great Week!! 😉


  3. Honestly, it depends on what you use your computer for. Laptops they’re portable, for all your blogging on the go needs! But desktops, well, they’re just the package. They have everything, uber good screen res, never lose charge, but yeah there’s that whole feeling that you’re a dog. On a leash. Chained to the desk .
    Personally, I want a laptop. What brands are you considering?


  4. I used to have a desktop computer but now have a laptop (and have had for about 4 years). I love my laptop as it’s nice and easy but I do miss that feel of having good computer. But in your situation, I’d say that you should still use your computer (maybe for a certain thing eg. writing) if you do get a laptop – that way you’ll have the best of both!


  5. I enjoy writing at my desk, on my desktop. When I’ve used laptops, it’s harder to type on the minimized keyboard, etc.

    I am thinking that some sort of tablet would be nice.


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