Yearly Book Goal: Met!

One of my goals for 2012 was to read 75 books this year and I have succeeded!  I actually got to 76 books (at the time of writing this blog) and will probably finish a few more before the year is out. The breakdown went like this:

General Fiction: 20

Religious: 12

YA: 12

Memoirs/Biographies/Autobiographies: 10

Classics/Classic Authors: 7

Job Search: 5

Editing/Writing: 4

Political: 3

General Non-Fiction: 2

Self-Help: 1

Unsurprisingly, I read mostly fiction… but I didn’t think I had read as many religion-oriented books as  I actually did this year. I didn’t read nearly as many editing/writing-related books as I wanted to, but that’s mostly because they’re difficult to find in the library and I don’t like buying books because they tend to sit around in my house and never get read. (Nothing like the deadline of a “return this book by” date to get you motivated to read!)

How many books did you read so far this year? Do you keep a count? Do you read a lot of a particular type of book or genre?


5 thoughts on “Yearly Book Goal: Met!

  1. I read mainly novels and occasionally auto-biographies. Your book count is very impressive! I get through about 15 books a year – I usually only read at night before I go to sleep.


  2. I have the feeling that I read just as many non-fiction as fiction books, but I’ve never kept track to break it down into statistics. I would also break out graphic novels into a separate category, because “reading” the pictures is a different mental skill, i think.


    • Definitely! I read tons of books, but I can never follow graphic novels. I don’t know why. I think all the little details in the pictures throw me off. I’d rather just read text.


  3. Growing up, I read mostly fiction. Now, it’s probably 50/50. I don’t keep track of number read, genre read, or titles read . . . so I can’t be more specific.

    I agree with you about having a “deadline.” It really helped me get through a STACK of books on Alzheimer’s and memory impairment in the elderly.


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