The Halfway Point

Well, it’s the 15th of the month. For those of us who are doing NaNoWriMo, we can take comfort in the fact that it’s halfway over. Every new writing venture tends to teach us new things, and here is what I have learned thus far from my 5th NaNoWriMo experience:

-I can obtain the 1,667-word daily goal in about 30 minutes, if I type constantly, taking 2-second breaks here and there. I have been accomplishing the daily goal between 7:30 and 8:00 in the morning before work starts, so that I can go home and procrastinate on XIII.

-It takes me much longer to write 500 words of XIII than it does to write 1,667 words of a brand new series of stories, and I suppose this is because (of procrastination) I take XIII more seriously; it’s in its millionth draft, so I have to be more careful of characterization, plot, etc. It’s also because I write XIII at night, and night is when my muse and my energy tend to leave me high and dry. (My muse must go to bed even earlier than I do.)

-I can’t decide whether I’m enjoying my WiP yet. It’s a set of stories, so the good thing about it is if I run out of interest in a particular story, I can move right into the next story without wondering about how I’m going to continue the current one. I’m avoiding writer’s block this way.

-Rachel (one of my crazier characters) has largely taken over many of the stories in my NaNo WiP. I might have to kill her (again), but she’d probably find out some way to come back to life (again). On the other hand, Aeron, a character I really wanted to write about, is acting very shy and isn’t speaking up. I think he’s afraid I (or another character) will kill him, but I have no intention of doing so. So I have learned that I am still hopelessly fixated on Rachel’s character and story, for some reason.

So what have you learned from this year’s NaNoWriMo?

8 thoughts on “The Halfway Point

  1. You are ambitious to write NaNo while working on another project….kudos to you! This is my seventh year and I still find it hard to get enough free time to really work on my novel. You have a great routine though…I always try and get up early to write before I’m off to class…but it just never happens. However, I learned that if I can just pace myself NaNo is possible while I’m in university. As long as I get my assignments for school out the way….it’s much easier to write when you’re not stressing out about school! Great post! Glad I found your blog!


    • Right. Pacing yourself is probably the key… and NaNo is much harder when you’ve got school and assignments and papers… you get even more tempted to fall into the rut of procrastination. Seems like you’re doing rather well, though! 🙂


  2. “so that I can go home and procrastinate on XIII” had me chuckling.

    I’ve learned that juggling two WIPs is really hard, if I’m not working on both of them each day. Going back and forth makes it hard to focus (so does the baby). And I’m not even doing NaNoWriMo, just a series of tasks!

    Good luck to you, although it doesn’t sound as though you need luck. You’re pretty seasoned at this, & it sounds like you’re right on track. 🙂


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