Election Day

This past weekend, I voted early and I’m glad I got that over with and out of the way (plus, the lines weren’t long at all). I won’t say who or what I voted for, and I’m not going to endorse a particular candidate or give a long list of reasons for why you should vote or shouldn’t vote for or against a particular issue.

The important thing is to vote… and to vote for the right reasons. (I would say that an uneducated or ignorant vote is worse than not voting at all.) The presidential election is how we will determine the fate of the country. If you do not vote, than you should not complain if your preferred candidate was not elected. There are plenty of chances to vote: absentee ballots, early voting, curbside voting, etc. You don’t really have an excuse not to vote.

If you’re still undecided, now is the time to do some serious research. Watch the presidential and vice presidential debates over again. Read some of the analysis and commentary. What issues are important to you? Which candidate’s views align with yours the most? How do you want the world to be for your children or grandchildren?

I’ve heard a lot of people referring to this year’s election as a choice between “the lesser and the greater of two evils.” It’s no secret that the candidates lie, and have lied to get where they are now. Politicians all lie, and that is unfortunate. I firmly believe the saying that the person who will make the best president will never run—either for lack of funds or because they are not willing to climb over others to get to the top.

We are asked the question, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” I think that question is a lot more than a simple yes or no answer. A lot of the time, we’re better off in some ways, but in a lot of ways, we’re not doing as well as we were. So vote with an open mind. That is the biggest favor you can do, for yourself and for your country.