New Plans

Real life caught up with me this week, so I got behind on my writing schedule. Because (unfortunately) I cannot pause real life, immerse myself in fictional worlds, then return whenever I see fit (honestly, I might never return), I realized I might have to change some plans around.

XIII: I don’t know what hallucinatory drugs I was taking when I wrote that outline last year, but I now realize the chapters and scenes are really long. Like, well over 2,000 words each. As I get into November and NaNoWriMo starts, I’m going to have to limit my word count every day. I’ll probably put it somewhere between 500 and 1,000 words. I don’t want to totally stop writing XIII in November, but I know that I won’t be able to keep my usual schedule.

Blog: I love this blog. I love my readers. I’ve consistently blogged for over 2 years now, so I’m thinking it may be time for a break. I’ll probably take off the first full week of November (4th – 10th) just so I can get caught up with other things, personal matters, etc.

Reading: I’m almost at my goal of 75 books for the year, so I figure it’s OK if I get a bit behind on my reading goal in November. I think I can read five more books between now and December 31st. Weekends and holidays are good days for reading. 🙂

NaNoWriMo: The perfect opening scene came to me the other day when I was driving. So I am happy to say that I have a starting point. I have a bunch of other ideas. I’m using mostly old characters, although who knows what new characters will show up. So I think this NaNo will go well, but I doubt I’ll beat the 70k word count I had last year. (I still don’t know how I managed that. Must have been those hallucinatory drugs.)

Basically, in November, I will be writing over 2,000 words a day, depending on how much I limit word count for XIII. But it’ll probably be hard to limit XIII so much because that story has a way of dragging me in. Let’s see how it goes…

4 thoughts on “New Plans

  1. Maggie, you put me to shame. Real life caught up with me too – and it took me more than a year to blog again! I think the least you can do is take a week off in November… Well, you’re not exactly taking a week off when you’ll be writing 2,000 words a day! Enjoy!


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