Beautiful Blogger Award

Once again, I am the recipient of a lovely award. A very big thank you to danajoward for nominating me!

The rules of the award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. Done! Thank you, Dana!

2. Attach the award to your site. Done!

3. Share 7 random facts about you. OK, here goes:

-I was a seventh-grade rebel. Everyone (well, the popular people) wore Abercrombie and Structure and L.E.I. and American Eagle and Aeropostale. The girls wore makeup. I wore Wal-Mart clothes, crazy-colored socks, and I despised makeup.

-In eighth grade, I was voted “Most Likely to Succeed.” I guess I wasn’t as unpopular as I thought I was.

-I prefer silver jewelry over gold.

-In fourth grade (or maybe it was fifth), I learned all the symbols for the elements on the periodic table. To this day, I still know every single one of them, even though chemistry was never my favorite subject.

-I already know what I’m going to name my kids (if I ever have kids): Peter for a boy, Teresa for a girl.

-One of my least favorite foods is peanut butter. I’m not allergic to it; I just think it’s disgusting.

-My favorite dead actor is John Cassavetes. My favorite living actor is Hayden Christensen.

4. Nominate some bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Hmm… let’s see here:

Bharatwrites (extremely smart guy, great blog)

Kristen Lamb’s Blog (excellent advice for writers who want to be published)

Uphill Writing (quotes, musings, writing advice; Rik’s blog has it all)

Thanks again, Dana! 🙂

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