Blogging… What’s the Point?

People blog for many different reasons: they have an ax to grind, they want to keep a record or a journal, they want to inspire others, they have a product to market… etc. When the Internet became really mainstream, anyone with a keyboard could open a blog on many of the blogging/online journal sites out there. So naturally, there was a proliferation of a lot of awful writing and some very good writing as well. Anyone with a keyboard and Internet connection can blog, although I’m not entirely sure that everyone should blog. Everyone has something to say, but a lot of things would be best kept private.

Blogging itself is fairly easy. You can write whatever you like, whether it be just a single sentence or the equivalent of a 10-page scholarly essay, edit as little or as much as you like, hit “post,” and your words are instantly out there for the entire world to see.

Blogging is a useful tool for people who want to market their business, run for office, practice writing skills, etc. However, that kind of blogging requires a strategy. It requires time and dedication. It requires good writing skills (or the talent of a good editor). And it requires that you have something of substance or importance to say, and that you can convey that in a manner that is easy to understand. After all, nobody is going to take you seriously if you tYpe liek Th1s or if all you ever post are expletive-laden rants about crazy government conspiracies.

And of course, there are the blogs that don’t have a “mission” attached to them. Those are the blogs we use to post our thoughts, whether they be public, private, or limited to just a small group of people. These blogs are definitely not less important than the “blogs with a mission” mentioned above. “Journal” type blogs can also require a strategy or a certain amount of dedication. You might choose to write every other day, or you might choose to write once a week. You could write about world events and deep philosophical thoughts, or you could write about everyday things like what you had for dinner last night or how cute your dog is.

So blogging definitely has a point and a purpose, even if the blog’s sole purpose is to serve as a form of therapy for the writer or a constructive way to rant. I would not consider blogging (or any type of writing, for that matter) a waste of time.

12 thoughts on “Blogging… What’s the Point?

  1. It’s an instrument. It can be used to summarize one’s days or as to showcase one’s writing. Or to comment on various topics. Only the content determines whether a blog is worth existing.


  2. Wonderful post Maggie! I have just recently started writing again, especially after re-learning grammar and punctuation. So my blogs are mostly about everyday things. My writings may jog someones memory and then they will write something else along the subject line. Nice Post! Thank you for sharing 😉


  3. I blog for a few different reasons, but mostly it’s to point people to things and ideas that I think are interesting. Which certainly includes my own writing, but a lot of other things, too.

    Also, blogs are great because it means you can have a cool-looking website even if you have no design skills at all. 🙂 I had websites before I had a blog, and they were probably just as interesting as what I’m doing now, but they were really bad looking. There’s no reason my book site ( has to be a blog, but it meant I could find a good theme and then customize it a bit for my purposes (I know quite a bit of PHP and HTML, but I just have no idea how to make something look good 🙂 ).


    • That’s true. I know a tiny bit of HTML and CSS, but not enough to fully create my own design. And design definitely matters… if your design is ugly or disorganized, you’ll be passed over, even though your content might be superior.


  4. Neither would I. Blogging is such an enjoyable thing for me – my blog would probably apply to the fourth paragraph. I don’t think journal-type blogs should be ignored either as they are just as well a genre of writing and if people like reading them, why not?
    Great post :).


  5. Good thoughts, Maggie. No two bloggers have identical reasons for blogging ~ and our reasons may change from day to day.

    Regardless of our exact motivation(s) for blogging, we probably enjoy writing as a creative outlet, at least some of the time, or we would find some other way to share, create, explore, dream, discover, and spend time.


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