Within Temptation and Writing Nostalgia

Today I listened to a song that I haven’t really paid much attention to for about six years. (That song is “Ice Queen” by Within Temptation, if you’re interested.) Weirdly enough, about a week before I first heard the “Ice Queen” song, I had written a poem called “Ice Queen.”

When I heard the “Ice Queen” song again today, it reminded me of where I was six years ago and the types of things I had been writing about. It was my freshman year of college and I still had the mentality of a high schooler, which I desperately wanted to lose. I had recently finished writing a draft of my first story, CAIN. At that point, XIII was only on its third (?) draft, and I was still writing on notebook paper as opposed to typing everything like I do today.

And I was starting a new story. At the time, it was called “Restless” (strangely enough, I later found out about another Within Temptation song with that same title) although I later changed the title. It was the first time in a long time that I had started a new story and I had no idea who my characters were, what my plot was (well, I had a tiny bit of a plot), or whether I’d even like the story that much when (or if) it was finished.

Now that I have quite a few more stories written, “Restless” is not my favorite, but writing it was a turning point for me. When I started to write it, I knew that writing was not something I would eventually give up on or grow out of. It was going to be my hobby for my entire life. I sincerely thought I would not have the time, incentive, or inspiration to write another story after CAIN and XIII. But I did… and I shall keep writing.

Do you have a “writing nostalgia” story? 🙂


One thought on “Within Temptation and Writing Nostalgia

  1. Very cool. It’s neat to be taken back and see where you used to stand and how far you’ve come. I print all of my writing up and store them in binders, and every once in a while I’ll go back through them. I can see my writing style changing, just from start of 2012 to now. The fact that Restless isn’t your favorite now just means you’re still growing as a writer. Never stop. 🙂


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