Shattered Illusions

It might seem odd, but there are a lot of authors, musicians, and celebrities I’d want to meet, yet at the same time, I’m not sure I’d really want to meet them because it might shatter my illusion of how I have imagined them.

It’s kind of the same phenomenon when you have a crush on someone. You don’t have much contact with them, so you daydream about them from afar. You’re creating an idealized version of them (or of a relationship with them) in your head, and when or if the day comes that you actually talk to your crush, chances are, they will not live up to the illusion that you have created. They will disappoint you, and you might end up irrationally angry at them for not living up to the illusion that you created.

People may also have their own illusions or idealized versions of you. They may expect you to behave a certain way based on how they imagine you in their minds. They expect more of you than you could ever realistically achieve. You will inevitably let someone down because you are not perfect; you are not their idealized figure.

Basically, the mental illusions we create are powerful. People are never perfect and they will inevitably disappoint us in certain ways. Every person is as full of flaws as they are of good points. This notion is something I still have trouble with to this day. I expect too much out of some people, and I realize that it is because I imagine them to be something that they are not and can never be.

9 thoughts on “Shattered Illusions

  1. I so agree. I have trouble with this because my fantasy love life is all I have now. I have no significant other and when I look at men I automatically compare them with my ‘ideal’ that I have a relationship with in my fantasy life. For me to have a relationship with a real live guy would be like settling for second best and I just can’t bring myself to do that. I’m not blessed with good looks and these days, if you don’t look good you’re invisible so I’ve had to reconcile myself to the fact that I’ll probably never find a man again now, so I indulge in my fantasy relationship and take what comfort I can from that.


  2. Perfectly on point Maggie. Your head works well! 🙂 I haved treaded that path of thought and I reallized the same thing. Keep doing your thing and be assured that you’ve got fans!


  3. I used to want to meet Mel Gibson . . . he just seemed like he would be so FUN.

    And then he revealed his “true colors” and I realized that I would NEVER want to meet him.


  4. This is so true! There have been celebrities that I built up in my mind only to have them come crashing down when I watch their interview on Ellen hahaha


  5. Celebrities are powerful because they combine know-ability with distance. The illusions they put up-the ones you see and judge them by- may not be really what they’re like while their distant, living their lives.

    Great post!


    • If I was a celebrity, I’d probably be totally different in public. I’d probably only share my real self with family and friends, not with fans. Not to deceive people, but to protect my true identity.


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