Featured website: editminion.com

EditMinion is a neat little program created by Dr Wicked, the same mastermind who brought you the Write or Die application. With EditMinion, you can copy and paste a piece of writing (but not a very long piece) into the box and check off what you want the program to edit for. Options include adverbs, weak words, passive voice, cliches, etc. Hit the “Edit!” button and it’ll give you a nice, color-coded scan of your writing to allow you to see the errors you’ve made… or all the times you used the word “just.” The program is in beta right now, so be patient with it.

Programs like EditMinion are great if you want a cursory search for errors in something you’ve written — maybe an email to a friend — but if you’re writing a term paper or a short story you’re planning to submit for publication, I’d recommend a human editor to give a final read-through. Once it’s out of beta, I feel like EditMinion will definitely be superior to Microsoft Word’s grammar checker, which (in my experience) is more often wrong than it is right.

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