November Ideas, Part II

I can’t get November off my mind. I made a rudimentary list of ideas in Tumblr, but I’m going to put them here… it might clarify something in my head if I write them out again. But, oddly enough, all but one of these ideas would be rebelling (cheating) if I used them for NaNoWriMo, since you have to write a new story for the challenge.

1. Rewrite DAVID, which was essentially about cyberbullying and the peril of Internet relationships. I wrote out an entire outline for a rewrite of DAVID, then I decided I didn’t want to rewrite it because I hated the story. Then I figured it might be easy to write for NaNo, since I already had the whole thing planned already — and the way I planned it, I removed a lot of what I originally hated about it. Then I remembered it would be cheating if I rewrote it for NaNo. Oh, well.

2. Write the novel version of the “movie” I wrote for Script Frenzy back in April 2011, THE DOG’S LETTER, which was a terrible mash-up of Carrie and The Skeleton Key. I didn’t like script format too much, so I thought the storyline might be a little less horrible as a novel. Once again, it’s not a new story, so it’s technically cheating.

3. I wrote a ~35k-word piece called THE ARCHIVES over the course of a year. It was written in verse, and it got good reviews on FictionPress. I wondered how it would be as an actual novel, so that was my other idea. This is my least favorite idea, because I think that to remove THE ARCHIVES from verse would ruin it.

4. Rewrite the oldest story I have, CAIN (the typical boy-meets-girl love story), from the point of view of the villain. Strangely enough, I think I liked the villain most out of all the characters in that story, so it would be a fun idea. But because CAIN is such an old story, I might not have the same type of enthusiasm for the rest of the characters that I had in the past.

5. I was fascinated by one of the characters I wrote about for last year’s NaNo, so compelled by her backstory that I wanted to write about it. This idea would be the only one that’s an entirely new story, even though I’d be recycling some characters. In a nutshell, it would be about how Virginia completely destroyed her own life after college graduation.

Basically, what this list tells me overall is that (1) I need new ideas, (2) I like experimenting with what I have already written, and (3) my old characters and stories won’t stay out of my head!

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