Picks of the Week

A lot of people do “picks of the week” blogs, where they pick their favorite things of the moment and write about them. So I shall follow the trend (but this probably won’t be a weekly thing).

1. Devotions upon Emergent Occasions and Death’s Duel – John Donne

Most people know John Donne as the English metaphysical poet who wrote scandalous poems like “The Flea” and “To His Mistress Going to Bed.” But once he bypassed the hormonal rush of youth, he settled down quite a bit and became an Anglican priest. In this book are his meditations upon mortality, salvation, and eternal life. Excellent book from a classic author.

No man is an island.

2. This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (Gainax/Shaft)

For some reason, I’ve been going on an anime binge lately, and this is what I decided to watch out of the array of odd anime choices on Netflix. In this 12-episode TV series, a teenage boy envisions his ideal girlfriend, and she literally falls out of the sky and into his arms that very night. So far, it’s pretty good, although the anime tropes are beginning to get a little annoying.

I am a bottomless darkness. I swallow up the tender light of all life. I am the ender of worlds. I am the goddess of destruction.

3. “Code of Honor” by Deadlock

I’ve been obsessed with this song since I first heard it about a month ago. Written and performed by a German melodic death metal band, some of the lyrics remind me of one of the issues in the world today: the loss of a true “code of honor” (at least in the Arthurian sense).

Remove me from this deception mankind called emotion
I have chosen my heaven while you create your own hell

There you have it — my picks of the week. Free free to share your own!