Camp NaNoWriMo Part II: August

For NaNoWriMo 2009, I wrote a horrible thing (I won’t even call it a novel) called DANIEL. A lot of it was based on real life events that happened in 2003-2004, but I gave it a science-fiction twist, and used a lot of stream-of-consciousness passages (mostly to get me to the word count).

I learned a lot from writing DANIEL. Number one, I am terrible at science fiction. Number two, I should never change settings midway through the novel with no explanation (I kept confusing myself when I read back over it). Number three, it was a failure of such epic proportions that I was never going to touch it or look at it again.

But I lied about Number three, because for August, I’m rewriting DANIEL (although, for NaNo/Camp NaNo, you’re technically not allowed to do rewrites) and it’s going to be completely different. It’s not based on real life at all; it’s become more like a continuation of SAMSON (which I wrote in June). There are no science-fiction elements. And I have decided on one setting so I will not get confused.

In the outline/planning I have done for DANIEL thus far, I have finally decided what to do about my troublesome main character Rachel. I have figured out the origins of paranormal activity in Jekuvia (the setting). I have created a villain I utterly despise and have zero sympathy for (which may not be a good thing). I get to write about Peter (one of my favorite characters) again.

But I am clinging to the biblical allegory in the title (from the book of Daniel) by a thread, so I might end up giving it a new title, or at least changing the allegory. Either way, I think I’ll have quite a bit of fun writing this one. My planned ending is going to close up a lot of loose ends, yet leave some things open.

Excitement awaits! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo Part II: August

  1. I think it’s awesome you’ve decided to dust off an old story and re-work it. I know from personal experience it’s not always pleasant, but if you can put in the energy, it usually works out really well. Good luck and keep us posted. 🙂


  2. It’s always a good feeling when you can salvage ideas, characters, and stories from things that you thought were lost. Good luck!


  3. I always save everything I write. If the stories suck I keep them to myself, but I always figure that if I wrote something, I must have had _some_ reason (even if the idea got a really bad execution). If nothing else, sometimes there’s a scene that I can use for something.


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