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Katy Perry: Part of Me came out in theaters yesterday and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. Disgust? Yes, a little. Interest? Obviously, since I’m writing a blog about it. But most of all, I feel like Hollywood has run out of things to make movies about. Many of the movies that come out today are either adaptations of books, sequels (that will never quite measure up) to very popular movies, or remakes of older, classic movies.

There was a Justin Bieber movie (Justin Bieber: Never Say Never) that came out in February 2011. I never actually saw the movie, but when it was coming out, I had the same reactions to it that I am having to the Katy Perry movie. I may just have to repeat the tired old phrase that everyone seems to be saying these days (or a variation of it): There is no good entertainment anymore. Popular music is terrible, movies are full of visual effects but no substance, TV shows are hackneyed and cliched, video games have no discernible storylines, etc.

I don’t necessarily have full belief in that phrase, but when movies like Katy Perry: Part of Me come out, I find myself believing it more and more. If I was a parent, I wouldn’t take my kids to see that movie. I would hope that my kids wouldn’t even have interest in that movie or others like it. Even so, it bothers me to think that the world is changing in such a way that a documentary about a celebrity’s life would be made into a major motion picture. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

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  1. Totally agree. Its just main stream hollywood though I think that is like this. Rebooting Spiderman is another example of what I think you’re saying here. I think the independant cinemas still have enough originality though. Take a Royal Affair or Moonrise Kingdom. I think there are example of something different going on and makes a nice change from formulaic films the multiplexs are force feeding us. Still I did go see Spiderman on week one of release!


    • I think it was too soon to have a remake of Spiderman… but I’ll probably end up seeing it with my best friend since he’s way into superhero movies.

      You’re right about independent cinemas having more originality; it’s the same with any independent entity, be it a publisher, music studio, etc.

      Thanks for visiting! 🙂


  2. I’ve had the same thought before, and I occasionally wonder how much of it is true and how much of it is me being far too cynical at a young age.

    Part of the fascination with flashy graphics has to come from the fact that our technology is improving at such an alarming rate. Every film/game/whatever seems to feel the need to be bigger and prettier than the last one. Fortunately, I think we’re nearing the point where CGI graphics are getting realistic and cheap enough to where it’s not a big deal anymore. Hopefully what will happen then is that Hollywood will realize that they need quality scripts to go along with their flashy CGI or it won’t matter.

    Also, it was definitely too soon to have another Spiderman movie. One review of the movie that I read said they only made the movie because if they didn’t they were going to lose their motion picture rights for the Spiderman franchise.


    • Hopefully movie fans will get sick of the CGI and want actual storylines…

      and about Spiderman… that doesn’t surprise me at all.


  3. Not that I have any interest in Katy Perry, but the thing that annoyed me about this movie when I read about it was that apparently the songs are all chopped up in how they are presented. As opposed to a real concert movie, where the songs are presented as they are performed, this one just sticks in parts of the songs as part of telling its story. I can see the point of concert movies (concert tours don’t go everywhere, and concerts are really expensive, so a concert movie is the closest a lot of fans will ever get to seeing a real concert by their favorite artists), but doing it this way disrespects the music, which is supposed to be the point.


  4. I guess the choice is a self-indulgent popstar making a film about themselves, or some film company ruining a perfectly good book series by turning it into high-grossing but depressingly inferior to the original book!


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